Can you choose a baseball bat on your own?

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Published: 31st October 2012
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Baseball, the game that has caught all the americans attention, can be played nowdays not only by professionals but also by children, teenagers or adults just wanting to have fun. In order to ensure all the good odds in your favour you have to use the right equipment( balls, baseball bats, gloves). Now you can find in every big store, that has a sports department, all you need but you have to pay attention to some things when you buy them especially the baseball bat.

First of all you need to find a space big enough to play baseball and after that you will have to find a company or supermarket that has a wide range of baseball bats. Most of the baseball players choose to play with a wood baseball bat that must have the right measurements: a diameter of 2.75 inches and a length of 42 inches. Also the weight of the bat is very important. The standard baseball bat for sale has 33 ounces but the weight depends on the player , if he likes it heavier of lighter. A good wood baseball bat is usually made of one piece of solid wood. You have to check and see if the wood of the bat has marks that show that the piece was hollowed or filled with cork. It was thought that filling the baseball bat with cork might increase its speed and reduce the weight of the bat but this idea has been proved wrong in the TV show on the Discovery Channel “MythBusters”. The wood for baseball bats that are for sale may differ. It can be from maple tree wood,from bamboo, from hickory wood but mostly it is ash. The most popular wood used is the maple wood due to its use in creating baseball bats of professional players and due to their victories gained. If you do not know how to choose the best baseball bat for you or you want a second opinion you can go to a sporting goods store. There you will have a wider range of products and professional help.

A baseball bat might cost from $ 50 up to hundreds of dollars , depending on the wood used , weight , the size of the bat top( which can increase the speed of the swing if it is larger but smaller bat drops create more power to the bat) and also if it is handmade or not. You can choose the colour of your bat from the standard colours used( natural white, red stain, black, two-tone blue, white stain). If you decide to have your wooden baseball bat handmade you will be able to pick another colour you might like. Due to research and the desire to improve the performances of athletes , the metal bat appeared making some competition for the wooden one. But peopple tend to stand by the wood baseball bats due to safety concerns. Although the metal ones are lighter and don’t break easily , the speed of the ball is higher and might injure the pitcher’s head. Also buyers tend to be more traditional when picking a baseball bat and they tend to choose the old fashioned wood baseball bat, some for the sound the bat makes when it hits the ball , a sound with which people are more accustomed to.

In the end all that matters is for you to have fun while playing baseball but also choosing a good equipment to prevent you from injuring yourself or others .

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